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Argentine judge voids Latin America's first gay marriage, 4/15/10

Council of Europe passes 'historic' LGBT recommendations, 4/15/10

88 gay couples have married in Mexico City, 4/15/10

Italy's highest court rejects marriage for same-sex couples, 4/14/10

Euro Parliament LGBT group denounces Cotonou Agreement, 4/13/10

President of Costa Rica supports gay marriage, 4/13/10

Top Portuguese Court OKs Gay Marriage, 4/9/10

Inter-American rights body rules against Chile in lesbian custody case, 4/9/10

Mexico City’s gay marriage law takes effect, 3/4/10

Fiji's new decree decrees gay sex legal, 3/4/10

Clergy could be sued if they refuse to carry out ‘gay marriages’, 3/3/10

Latin America sees its first same-sex marriage, 12/28/09

Brazilian go-ahead for gay unions, 3/5/09



Anti-Gay Marriage Group Received $3 Million In Federal Funds, 4/16/10

Obama: Give Gay Couples Hospital Visiting Rights [CBS], 4/15/10

Gay Groups Lose Appeal; Must Surrender Prop 8 Documents, 4/15/10

Traditional Values Coalition opposition to ENDA comprised of lies, chicanery, and beliefs of religious supremacy, 4/15/10

Gay couples denied social security benefits under DOMA, 4/14/10

Huckabee compares same-sex marriage to incest, polygamy, 4/13/10

Tax Time Complicated for Same-Sex Couples, 4/13/10

California PetitionTo Overturn Proposition 8 In November Ballot Fails, 4/13/10

Republican legislators challenge gay marriage effort in NJ, 3/31/10

Can Partners of Gay Soldiers Get Benefits?, 3/26/10

Survey: Californians Now More Likely to Favor Gay Marriage, 3/25/10

CA poll shows 50% support for same-sex marriage, 3/25/10

N.J.'s gay marriage debate: Back to court because lawmakers failed, 3/24/10

Washington Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, 3/3/10

Obama elusive on about-face on same-sex marriage, 2/17/10

Complete Strangers Married in Florida to Protest for Gay Rights, 2/15/10

New Jersey Senate Defeats Gay Marriage Bill, 1/7/10

New Hampshire now 5th state to allow same-sex marriage, 1/1/10

Maine Gay Marriage Legalized, 5/6/09

Vermont Legislature Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, 4/7/09

Gay Marriage Is Ruled Legal in Connecticut, 10/10/08

First American Gay Wedding in San Francisco, 2/12/04

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court rules gay marriage legal, 11/18/03